EATS: Home cooking.
SHOPS: Nothing maje. 
MOOD/FEELING: Appreciative.

Yeah, it's taken me a few weeks to come up with the perfect diary entry.  Turns out I'm sitting here without anything to say. So.. why not reflect? I haven't really found the motivation to write in here for a few reasons: I've had a flock of friends coming and going and when I have found a spare moment for myself, I've indulged in some bad/good food and my current novel. 

To me, a diary should be a place that you go to to put down what inside; ideas, thoughts and just general happenings. I guess I haven't really done much strenuous thinking as of late as I haven't really been focused on me. Instead, I've been enjoying my time, travelling and taking in my once unfamiliar surroundings and turning them into home. Is that a crime? To just enjoy the moment? Funnily enough, all this time travelling around and spending quality time with friends has really shown me my true loves and what is really important to me. I believe that we are defined by what is most important to us, whether it be family, friends, a job, possessions or a combinations of them all. Not all those things are great to be defined by but the truth is at some point, we become a victim/successor of those things. 

As fucked up as they can be, I love my family. I have found my close friends, I love shopping and love 80% of my wardrobe so now just the job. I have found my passion(s) in life so now the plan is to turn them into a career. People know me as 'fashion' but I'm not feeling that description; well not entirely anyway. Once I've done my research and put down a plan, I'll let you know. For now, know that I'm doing nothing but enjoying now.

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