EATS: Chicken sandwich with fries, frozen margaritas, chicken, biscuit and mac'n'cheese, kale, mushroom, orange and tofu salad, countless beer.
SHOPS: Kate Spade clutch
MOOD: Giddly.

For the first time, in a long time, I felt like me. I came alive.

For a short while, my cares were thrown away with the arrival of a new/old friend. I say 'new/old' because we had never formally met before but for the last few months and known of each other and had known that we would both be in NY at the same time. We did drinks, we ate fried chicken and we had a good laugh. I also got to have a good bitch about my hates of the city. Don't get me wrong, I love this city but seeing as I have been feeling very misguided and lost the past 2 weeks, something obviously went down. 

John Casablacas sadly passed away today; in short, he is responsible for the careers of legends like Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell. In his final interview, a particular line really struck accord with me.

"I endeavored to live a life that reminded everyone that, even when you run your business professionally, fashion should be about fun, superficiality and sensuality, and not to be taken as seriously as some tend to do.” 

Yeah it's about fashion but swap the word 'fashion' with 'life' and these are definitely words to live by, period.

Even though I know I'm going to miss out on a shitload of episodes of Unique Eats and Donut Wars, I'm making a vow to stop feeling sorry for myself, leave the apartment and make a big bang in the city! I still have no idea where I want to go in life and in my career BUT I know that New York is way too much of an epic city to stay indoors.

As the fabulous and legendary Cher sings: 
'Torn up, busted, taken apart
I've been broken down
Left with a broken heart
But I'm stronger
Strong enough to rise above'

Well speaking of Cher, here is my new lip-sync to her new fabulous song, Woman's World.
#carriewannabe #carriebecomescherforonenightonly

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