Every night, I would spend 20 minutes going through images on-line; art photography, fashion editorials, historic images and so on. I would do this to stimulate the right side of my brain and to be inspired. My process is: Google>Search>Right-click>Save. I haven't done this in over a month.

Just a few minutes ago, I did it. It felt weird but I did it and strangely deep down, I kind of had a moment. I'm not quite sure what that moment was but it felt different. I still have no idea the direction I am supposed to go in life. I've been reading about omens the last few days. For those who don't know what an omen is, it is a prophetic sign. For those who don't know what a prophetic sign, Google it. Now, I'm not one for spirits or guardian angels BUT I do believe in karma, that we feed of the vibes of others whether it is good or bad and I also believe in omens. 

So my question is this: How many omens does it take to confirm that what you are doing is right or wrong for you?

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