EATS: WARNING: THE LAST 2 DAYS I HAVE BEEN SO BAD. Special K and 1 piece of vegemite toast, 2 sliders and a handful of fries and onion strings, Chobani yoghurt, a market vegetable platter, oat cookies and home made San Choy Bao.
SHOPS: None.
MOOD: Giddy.

Despite having started this trip on the wrong foot and being VERY discouraged by the negativity of certain individuals I've met during my time in NY, today I came to the conclusion that amongst all the big names, in the big lights, with big attitudes and bullshit, there is an elite group of people who in fact are.. NORMAL!

I got to spend a great deal of time with a small package of fabulousness I like to call my 'Friend in Fashion'. Now she owns her own business, is a successful blogger, is a very worldly person and is super beautiful. Now some people would automatically assume that people like that would be what the industry like to call 'a bitch' BUT in fact she is quite the opposite; SURPRISE! It bothers me a little that people make the assumption that if you are in a higher position then they are, that you are automatically an enemy, a threat or even worse, a bitch! What happened to appreciating individuality? Since when did success become a down fall? Did people's pride grow so much over the years that we could no longer look up to those who were doing better then ourselves and instead decided to make them the competition?

The last two days haven't been so hectic, thank God! A show here and there and some more quality time with Jessie. I was introduced to a cool Italian label called Hache. It was the best styling I had seen all week! On point with trend, colours and textures. I also had the chance to see Sass & Bide today. Another standard Sass collection. In other words, if you were to buy a piece from the collection, you would know it was Sass - not that there is anything wrong with that.

As you can see from above, I ate a fair bit of shit the last 2 days BUT I also went for a few decent runs as well. #comeatmesamplesizebody #itwillneverhappen #whatever

In short, nothing maj happened and a nice treat from the hectic days before. Oh, and I met Heidi Klum today and she liked my clutch and my hat and thought I looked funky.


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