EATS: Burger and fries, roast chicken and vegies, chicken curry from my local asian place, a blondie from babycakes and lots of beer and water.
SHOPS: Black blazer from Helmut Lang.
MOOD: Relaxed.

Okay, so I've been a little busy the last 2 days and wasn't able to write anything on here - NYFW knows hectic.

So finally with some down time, I've picked up all my dirty laundry off the floor, popped on my gym gear and come down to the laundromat to do some laundry and empty my thoughts over a book and beer.
The last 2 days have been full of running around the west side, from Lincoln Centre through to Chelsea and back with my partner in crime Jessie. 

I've loved it so far - getting up and personal with the industries finest, seeing the up and coming trends for next year. This is what I love, I love fashion week. I love the pace and being constantly on a mission. It's definitely soothing to the mind and helping with the exercise too.

I'm finally starting to feel myself again. But I still wonder, what is out there for me? I spend my whole day in fashion mode and come home to watch the cooking channel. Who am I?

New York has been so good for me. Not only have a lost myself in this city but I've also learned that in the heart of this concrete jungle, I know I will be able to find myself again. 

'Everything on earth is being continuously transformed because the earth is alive ... it has a soul. We are part of that soul so we rarely recognise that it is working for us' - The Alchemist.

That struck a chord with me. After having lost myself countless times over my teenage life and early adulthood, I've realised that it will constantly happen until the day comes, when I have accomplished every dream that I've ever had and experienced everything it is I want to experience. Which in reality will never happen because life can't go on if you're not constantly dreaming of something better... or can it?

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