EATS: Champagne, Burger, fries and ice-cream from Shake Shack, more champagne, canapes and more champagne.
SHOPS: None.
MOOD: Chilled

Just to clarify for those people asking, YES, I have been here for more than 5 days.. it's technically been over a month since I left Australia. #yikes

Anyway, here's an unexpected quote *insert sarcasm here*
"Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future... this is known as Fashion Week."

And with that, begins the short rants on New York Fashion Week. A week where hundreds attend, yet all you see on street style posts are of the minor elite who have thousands if not millions to spend on clothing while the rest of us plebs try and make do. Some not even bothering. YES! I'm talking about you, the lady who attended the show this morning wearing a denim skirt, t-shirt tucked in and.. BALLET FLATS?! #wtf

That said, let me make this very clear: style is not about the labels you wear, but what you do with the clothing you have. HOWEVER, if you are going to attend one of the most prestigious events of the year and only have ballet flats to wear, I would say you need Jesus.

All my rants aside, today was fabulous! Not only did I get to roam the streets in my quadrupole denim outfit and be photographed by some 'freaks on the street', I also got to meet some lovely people, talented designers, chill with some sexy boys and hang out with my new 'sister from another mister' Jessie! I'm so grateful to her because having her around is like having a piece of home with me everywhere..

So much so that for the first time in a long time, over a burger in Madison Square Park, I opened up about my walls that keep me guarded. Moments after I had finished my story, it made me realise that I am normal and the moments of heartache and moments being down are completely fine having allowed a fool into my life. Funny that - you get fucked over, you become a stronger person, but down the track, you'll never forget how you got fucked over and you're still fucked. Meh, too much fashion to talk about how fucked I am.

Now, what to wear tomorrow? #firstworldproblems

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